Published: 09/03/2019

What makes us different?

Here at My Magic Holiday, we are very aware that there are many other agents and Tour Operators out there you could book your holiday with!

We thought it may be useful to create a blog to advise what makes us different, and why you should consider booking with us for your next Orlando Holiday!

I have spoken about this on our LIVE chats on various occasions, but not everyone catches this online, so having everything in black and white means it’s there for you to read over and over …..

….let’s get started


Photo : 1993 visit to Disneyland Paris

1.     We LOVE Orlando & all things Disney!


Here at My Magic Holiday, ALL the staff LOVE all things Orlando and Disney!

We have all extensively travelled to Disney Parks, Universal, Orlando, and even Disney Cruise Line, traveling to these destinations EVERY YEAR, so we can give you first-hand knowledge on the areas you are interested in for your next holiday.

Mattie has been going to Disney parks for 27 Years, and last year alone went to Orlando twice, Disneyland Paris 5 times, and did a Disney Cruise just 1 month before the new year!

Not only that, Myah actually WORKED at Walt Disney World, and has travelled to Disneyland Paris extensively.

We really could go on!

So when you call us for a quote, you’re not just speaking to a general travel agent who doesn’t have a clue about anything, you are speaking to experts with first hand extensive knowledge of these destinations.

If we don’t know it, it’s not worth knowing!


Photo : Being recognized for our knowledge and brand loyalty 

2.     We are official Disney Agents


That’s right, we are an official Disney travel agent, which means we can book with Disney directly, something which a lot of agents can’t do.

This includes and isn’t limited to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Disney Cruise Line & Disneyland Paris!

This gives us complete control and flexibility when we are putting your holiday together, there’s no middle man – it’s literally us and Disney!!

If you book your holiday in a high street branded agent, getting issues resolved, and live availability is nowhere near as quick and effective than it is with an Official Disney agent!

This also means that whenever Disney have an offer on, we get EXACTLY the same offer as Disney are advertising themselves, whereas tour operators offers may slightly differ!


Photo : Captain Mickey and me - Disney Cruise Line 2015

3.     We have our own ATOL and are members of ABTA


Of course here at My Magic Holiday we are a member of ABTA, but we also have our own ATOL facility! What this means is not only are we able to book holidays through the likes of Thomas Cook for example, this means we can DIY a holiday like you may do, however we can financially protect all the elements for financial peace of mind!

That basically means, what you find yourself, we can book for you with the added financial security, plus we as an agent, have the ability to book everything under a deposit, even Thomas Cook Flights! So we have to ask ‘DI-Why???’.


4.     Amazing Prices & Aftercare


As we are a small company, customers are important to us. Unlike to the big companies out there we value your business and every customer is important.

We always make sure that our prices are fantastic to begin with, checking the big tour operators to make sure we are best value!

While we understand everyone has the right to shop a price about, we usually find that other agents either can’t match our prices, or they undercut us by a few pounds to get your business.

At this point we would always ask a customer to think about how that other agent is going to look after you as a client, as all they have done is take our work to try and get a quick sale. Do they know the products as much as us?

We do offer a price match promise for any ABTA agent that may undercut our prices to get you booked, however we will only do this on one occasion during your price search, as we do find that at the point where the quote is being passed about pillar to post, our extra services must not be of value to a client.

Your booking agent is also your go to person from the day you book until you come home! If this involves planning, amending or adding things, you will have the same Magic Agent from start to finish, unlike many online companies.

5.     FREE Planning service


For ALL customers booking a stay at Walt Disney World, we offer a FREE planning service.

This involves planning an itinerary, booking restaurants and booking fast passes, all based on your requirements and needs. Which we discuss at the time!

With our first-hand knowledge of restaurants, popular rides and how to navigate My Disney Experience, this is something that we know other agents cannot offer the same level of service.

Some online companies even charge up to £300 for this, whereas we include it in ALL Walt Disney World holidays if the customer would like this!

We know how to make sure that this once in a lifetime holiday for many, is one you will never forget!


Photo : My neice and nephew - Disneylnd Paris - Disneyland Hotel 2016

6.     Personal Service


We do not do email or messenger quotes much to the dismay of many. However this is how we operate and there is good reason for this.

We are a small company of highly skilled agents, and we get it right, all the time!

We see so many companies mis-quoting, getting things wrong and it’s usually because the customer has had everything via email.

As we are small, we only have so many people to handle our calls, and these calls are so important to us as these customers have taken the time to get in touch with us to get our professionally knowledgeable advice and pricing. Not only that, our skilled agents can make recommendations via telephone is a special offer comes up all suited to your needs, or if you can fly a different date and you cannot get that personal service over an email.

We are very proud of our wide range of booking platforms in order to make sure everyone gets the best holiday to suit their needs, all designed around YOU in mind!

We are not biased as to if we book you a Tui flight, a Virgin or another, we will check everybody to check what is best value for YOU! Virgin will only check Virgin, Tui will check Tui etc etc.

This is something many agents cannot offer, and extends the range of holidays that we have to offer!

Many of our customers we recognise by voice, and we have general conversations with us, all our customers are family!


Photo : Our current travel documentation folders

7.     Ticket Documentation


We like to think we are very forward thinking in how we operate, but in one sense were a little ‘backwards’!

When you book with a tour operator like Thomas Cook for example, when it’s time to travel they simply email you something to print out!

When spending thousands on an Orlando Holiday, we feel like you need something a bit more exciting, so we provide you with physical ticket documentation all presented in a nice folder! Not only does this mean everything is all in one place but we make sure everything is in order as to how you will need it!

Little extras like providing a map to the Magical Express, or instructions of how to claim your Disney $$ Gift cards are all little extras that we do to make everything easy for you! So you can simply turn up with your passports and go!

We provide you with a 24 hour emergency number too, which doesn’t go to some out of hour’s answering service, but actually comes right through to us, no matter what the time or day!

This is our way of making things that extra little bit magical.


Photo : 2016 visit to Disneyland Paris


8.     Online booking management, low deposits and payment plans


Where we can, we will offer low deposits on bookings! Helping you get that holiday booked at the price you are happy with, and to make sure you can pay the rest of deposit within a few months!

We can also offer payment plans should you wish to spread the cost of your holiday over time until its pay in full day!

Once booked with us you will also be able to log into your booking via our website, check your details and also make online payments whenever you want!

With a members area on our website also, we provide you with links for ESTAS, and telephone numbers for all manner of enquiries that you may have while away in Orlando and much more! Call it a help centre just for customers online!


Photo : Stitch at the Grand Floridian Resort 2018

9.     Guaranteed pricing


Holiday prices do fluctuate, but once you have booked with us, your price is set in stone. We will not be asking you for more money down the line.

Unfortunately this is where some other agents get you, as many out there do hide in their terms and conditions that they can and will change the price of your holiday should they change! Something that many people are unaware of when they come to us for a price beat. We will not price match a company that will not guarantee pricing to a client!

We work from a LIVE booking system also which means what we are booking you is physically available. So if someone’s offering you indirect flights outside of an 11 month window, they are guestimating the price, and their terms and conditions may state they can charge you more when the flights officially come on sale. What we quote is LIVE, AVAILABLE and ready to CONFIRM at the price quoted. However because we do work from a LIVE system all prices are only guaranteed once booked with a deposit and will need re-quoting. 

With guarenteed pricing, this means you dont need to worry, your holiday is all booked and will not change, so you can put your feet up and relax knowing everything is in place!


Photo : Disneyland Paris Sunset 2014

10.     ALL our offers on social media are sourced in house!


You may follow another travel company online, and you may notice some of them have the same offers on! That’s because they are putting out there offers that 100’s of agents have been emailed to promote, which isn’t necessarily the best value!

ALL our offers on social media are unique, as we have sourced them ourselves during our working day, specifically checked to make sure at the time we are best value compared to our competitors.

This is why we get slightly frustrated when other agents take our work and discount it by a couple of ££ to get a quick booking.

We like to design our artwork to make it fun and appealing so you don’t see the same things day in and day out on our page.


Photo : Mattie at Walt Disney World 2018

11.     We are active each week on social media


That’s right, we are extremely active on social media! Each week we have a scheduled LIVE video with Mattie on Facebook so you can hear about the latest offers, competitions, theme park news and much more.

This is our way of letting you get to know us a little better, even if you haven’t booked with us! It gives a face to us and like to interact with you on a weekly basis! As some of you may know I love my Q&A sessions on the live chats.

It doesn’t stop there though, when we go away to these places ourselves, we LIVE feed, blog and share photos so that everyone can see where we are and what we are doing! Last year I even went to the Caribbean Beach to see all the construction work during my own holiday just to show customers where it was at with the work! You don’t get Richard Branson doing that!!


Photo : Some of our 'pretend boarding passes'

12.     We are genuinely lovely people!


We are so proud of our small team, we like to think were a lovely bunch who are passionate about the products that we offer, those of you who have booked with us will hopefully think we are lovely too, and we feel the same about all our customers too.

Don’t be scared to call us, we won’t bite!!


13.     Reveal help


We LOVE seeing reveals online, and we know there’s nothing more exciting than planning one for your family.

We do try and help out where we can here, so we have our own themed ‘pretend’ boarding passes, and also letters from Mickey!

All you need to do is ask your agent about these when booking and we can send these out to you!

Just make sure you keep it a surprise until they arrive!


14.     Late opening hours


While we appreciate a lot of people work full time 9-5, we have opening hours to make sure everyone has the opportunity to get in touch with us.

These are

10-9 Mon – Friday

10-4 Saturdays

This means during the week you can get the kids to bed, open a bottle of wine and call us from the comfort of your own sofa!!!

We even operate until 11pm when special promotions are out, to make sure everyone gets the chance to have a quote and get booked with us!!

Not only that, you can book a call back appointment on our website, where you pick a time that is suitable for you, and we call you within the hour time slot that you have picked! It couldn’t be easier.


Photo : 1992 visit to Disneyland Paris

Once you have booked with us, were not just your Disney agents, were like Family!


After all, who else would you trust to book your magical holiday and get it 100% spot on!!

I hope you have enjoyed this lengthy read, I feel it’s important to let everyone know what we offer as an agent as I do feel we are extremely different to everyone else out there!

If you would like to know more about us please let us know, of tune into one of our weekly LIVE videos and ask from there!

We by no means in this blog, are we trying to bash any other agents, or tell you where to spend your money, My Magic Holiday is all about making memories that last a lifetime, and I hope every point made above demonstrates how we are different, explaining what we can do for you and the ways in which we try to make sure that this is true to form for every single customer who books!


Please feel free to give us a call on 0330 088 2199 to get a quote or book!

We look forward to making your dreams come true!


We've just returned from our first holiday booked through my magic holidays....... but it certainly will not be the last! These guys have been great from the get go, so helpful, always quick to answer any questions, and genuinely lovely people to deal with! I would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody & everybody!
A massive five stars from me! Thank you

Katie Goodman

After looking around at LOADS of travel agents, it was clear that Mattie was the only one that we'd want to trust our 'biggest-and-best-trip-yet' to our 'Happly Place' - fantastic service, extremely knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to book with! The guy obviously loves his job, and his enthusiasm shines through.

Rob Morton

Mattie has been fantastic - been to Florida 5 times but always done DIY but not only did he give me an amazing price he's been so helpful with finding hotels and suggestions !! 5 star service deserves a 5 star rating
Thanks Mattie we can't wait to go in 2018 !!!

Emma Tomlinson

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